Ex-showroom and secondhand A-dec dental chairs for sale

Current secondhand chair models available:

A-dec 500

A-dec 400

A-dec 1040

Ex-Showroom Stock:

A-dec 300 Radius

Package includes:

1 x A-dec 311B Chair, Knob Headrest with Seamless Upholstery – Colour Sky Blue.
1 x A-dec 333 Continental Delivery System with 3 Position Control Block Inc.
1 x A-dec Deluxe Touchpad
1 x Triplex Syringe
1 x 6-pin Silicone Tubing with Fibre Optic Capability
1 x Large Tray Holder with S/S Tray
1 x Satelec Newtron Integrated Ultrasonic Scaler Kit
1 x A-dec 351 Radius 3 Position Assistant’s Instrumentation (Syringe, HVE & LVE) for Wet System
1 x A-dec 300 LED Radius Operating Light
1 x A-dec 400 Dr & Assist Stool Set, Upholstery – Colour Sky Blue.

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